DIY Halloween Cat Treat Bag

DIY Halloween Black Cat Treat Bag with Free Pattern!Good morning! I am in the midst of some serious Halloween crafting! I have both kids’ costumes started and just finished up this cute little treat bag for my daughter! She is going as a little black cat this year and I thought it would be adorable to make a matching treat bag! I made it small and a bit more like a purse, which I love. She carries it on her arm and it is small enough it won’t drag on the ground as she is walking.

I made my son a felt treat bag a few years ago and really liked how cool the white blanket stitching looked on the black felt. I did the same thing on this treat bag but made this one much sturdier. This one is made with three layers of black felt fused together with interfacing instead of just one. You can download the free pattern below and make your own! :)

Halloween DIY Black Cat Treat Bag with Free Pattern!

Supplies Needed for DIY Halloween Cat Treat Bag

  • DIY Halloween Cat Treat Bag: Free Printable Pattern
  • Black Felt – 10 sheets (9″x12″ sheets)
  • White Felt – small piece for eyes
  • Yellow Felt – small piece for eyes
  • Pink Felt – small piece for ears
  • Fusible Web interfacing
  • Silhouette heat transfer material silver glitter or you can use glitter felt
  • Embroidery floss in black, white, yellow, pink
  • *Optional: DMC Embroidery Floss Light Effects Silver (for whiskers and mouth)
  • Sewing notions – scissors, needles, and pins


Step One: Use the free printable pattern to cut out all of the pieces needed. Since you will be using fusible web for all the pieces, I like to trace the pattern onto the fusible web first. Lay the fusible web over the pattern page and trace the pattern. Then cut the pattern pieces out of the fusible web, leaving a border around each piece.

Once all of the pieces are cut from the fusible web, you can iron them onto the felt and then cut each piece out along the actual pattern line. Now, all of my pieces are ready to go.  I used felt for everything except the inside of the cat ears where I used Silhouette Heat Transfer Material in silver glitter that I had on hand. I like the little bit of sparkle it brings to the bag :)

Since the treat bag is made from three pieces of black felt, two of the layers will need fusible web so you can fuse all three layers together. This applies to the front and back pieces as well as the handle. The handle is made from two pieces each measuring 3″ x 16.5″. Both of the pieces are made from three layers.


Step Two: Add the cat face to the front piece. For the eyes, I ironed the white pieces on first and then stitched them on with white embroidery floss and I used a small running stitch. Then I ironed the yellow pieces on and stitched them on and then finished with the black pieces.

I used a split stitch for the nose – tutorial can be found here.


Step Three: Stitch the whiskers and mouth onto the cat. I used iridescent floss for a little shimmer (DMC Light Effects Silver) and used the split stitch again. Draw the whiskers and mouth onto the cat using a white pencil before stitching.

handmade-little-black-cat-treat-baglittle-black-cat-treat-bagStep Four: The handle wraps around the entire bag and is sewn on using a blanket stitch. I fused three layers of black felt together to create two handle pieces that each measured 3″ x 16.5″. I was using sheets of felt that measured 9″ x 12″, so to create strips that were 16.5″, there were seams. I staggered the seams, though, so all three layers didn’t have their seam in the same place.

Once you have the two handle pieces created, stitch them together using a zigzag stitch. The handle is now ready to be sewn to the front and back pieces. Start with the front piece and stitch it to the handle with a blanket stitch in white embroidery floss. Make sure to position the handle seams so there is one centered on the top and one centered on the bottom. Once the front is stitched to the handle, repeat for the back. The bag is all finished! Yay!


I love how this little treat bag turned out and I am excited for my daughter to use it next weekend at our zoo trick-or-treat!



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