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DIY-Lego-Table-BugabooCity copyGood morning and happy Monday!  We’re already on day 11 of my blog series “12 Days of a Handmade Christmas”.  Time sure flies when you’re crafting!  These last two posts are all about big, exciting gifts you can make for your children!  Christmas time can become expensive, stressfully expensive, especially when it comes to gifts for your children!  

With a new baby coming in January, and Bugaboo’s birthday in March, I knew I didn’t want us to spend too much on Christmas this year.  However, the fact that I absolutely LOVE Christmas and LOVE giving gifts needed to be addressed.  My solution was to start planning and researching gifts I could make myself.  Coming up with affordable DIY gift ideas has definitely been a challenge but a very fun one!  I am excited with what I came up with this year and equally excited that I was resourceful.  I tried to use things we already had rather than immediately buying new things – something I am definitely guilty of!  Between my mother and I, we have so many sewing and crafting supplies that it was fun going through it all and seeing what we had on hand!  This DIY Lego Table is a great example of a big, exciting gift I know Bugaboo will love, that cost us just $40!  

DIY Lego Table Before and After

Bugaboo has loved playing with Duplos for a while now but hasn’t had a good place to build with them.  I knew a Duplo table would be perfect!  We decided to put it together in such a way that would allow it to become a Lego table once he grows out of Duplos.  My husband and I have bins of legos from when we were children just waiting for that day –  I think we have a few years to go yet!  SO here it is – the tutorial for making your own DIY Lego (or Duplo) Table! 

Supplies Needed:

  • Table (ours was my Grandmother’s in need of some TLC)
  • Sanding paper, primer, and paint – if painting your table
  • Black and white paint for roads
  • Lego or Duplo boards – we bought two 15×15 Duplo Boards from Target for $15
  • Drill
  • #6 Drill Bit and Countersink 
  • Size 6 Wood Screws, we used 18 so we bought two packages of 10 

STEP 1:  Prepare your table!  This will mean different things depending on the table you plan on using.  You could use an old table in need of some TLC, like we did, or buy a new table that is already painted and ready to go!  In our case we needed to sand, prime, and paint our table.  We used primer and paints my mom had.  She had all these little cans of primary colors she used to paint birdhouses years ago.  Since one can probably wouldn’t have been enough for the whole table, we decided to embrace the primary colors and use them all!

DIY Lego TableSTEP 2:  Paint the roads!  Bugaboo has a Duplo train and car, so we thought it would be fun to add roads around the table.  We also decided to add roads because the table wasn’t wide enough to fit three boards but with just two there was a lot of unused space.  We added a road in between the boards so Bugaboo could build bridges over it.  I used black acrylic paint for the roads and did two coats.

DIY Lego TableSTEP 4:  Add the white dash lines!  You could do this lots of different ways.  When researching online I saw clever ideas like cutting out little rectangles from white stickers.  I found a painting kit my mom had from back in the day – a Ralph Lauren Denim Technique kit – to make your walls look like real denim!  Yes, my sister rocked the denim walls for all of high school!  The kit came with a stitch maker set complete with tape that could be easily laid down and painted over to create the stitch marks.  I used this and painted every fourth stitch mark and it worked great.  While I had to go back and touch up each “stitch”, it worked really well in evenly spacing my dashes and keeping them in a straight line. 

DIY Lego Table(We put the boards on before the ticking because that is when my husband was available to do it – I’d recommend getting all the painting done first!)

DIY Lego Table

DIY Lego TableStep 5:  Layout the boards!  Decide where to put your Lego boards on the table.  We needed to get out Bugaboo’s Duplos to figure this out.  We wanted to make sure his Duplo car and train could fit down the road in the center and we wanted there to be an even number of lego spaces in-between the boards.

DIY Lego TableSTEP 5: Attach the Lego boards!  This was the most important part in putting our table together.  A lot of the other DIY Lego tables I saw online glued their boards to the table.  Since we knew we wanted these Duplo boards to be removable, we didn’t want to glue them.  We decided to screw them in which worked very well.  My husband had to buy a new drill bit with a countersink built in (about $6) which would make the screw sit flush with the boards.  If the screw wasn’t flush with the boards, it would stick up and the Duplos wouldn’t sit flat!

DIY Lego TableUsing the drill bit and countersink attachment for your drill, drill a hole into the corner of your board.  The countersink is the larger part of the drill bit that creates a beveled place for the top of your screw to sit.  Since this drill bit is meant for wood, go really slow because it can over drill and drill out too big of a hole.  

DIY Lego Table

Plastic spirals will happen as the countersink strips the plastic.  You can tear these off and clean out the hole with your finger.  

DIY Lego Table

DIY Lego TableUsing a screwdriver, screw a wood screw into your drilled hole.

DIY Lego Table

DIY Lego TableYou can see, by keeping the screw flush to the Lego boards, the Duplos will sit properly.

DIY Lego TableWe used 18 wood screws – 9 in each board.  We did the four corners first and one directly in the center of each board.  After testing it out, we added four more in the center of each side.  This way when you pull up on a Duplo, the board stays down instead of coming up with the Duplo.  We decided not to paint the screw heads because we liked the industrial look the brass screws gave the table.

DIY Lego TableWe added two bins to the shelf underneath to hold his Duplos.  The table is now finished and ready to be played with!!

I’m going to admit that Bugaboo has already played with his Christmas gift!  To photograph the table, I borrowed Bugaboo’s Duplos and he came along with them!  We ended up all setting it up and playing with it for a bit.  Bugaboo loved it!!  It is the perfect height and he loved having all this space to place his Duplos.  The table is hidden in our basement awaiting Christmas Eve.  Luckily, Bugaboo is just 1.5 and I think we can get away with him seeing his gifts before the big day….this is probably the last year I can get away with that!!

DIY Lego Table

DIY Lego Table

DIY Lego Table

DIY Lego Table





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